Saturday, August 31, 2013

A special new person who, right from the start, has a place in the family and, of course, in our heart.

We waited anxiously for Walker to celebrate his first birthday.  
This is just the beginning of many more to come.  He spent the entire day with his cousins at the zoo.  By the time we enjoyed his cute cake (baked, and decorated by his Mom) he may have experienced "too much" birthday.

Friday, August 16, 2013

roly, poly potato bugs

Two of the cutest little bugs - Drew and Walker.
Two terrific cousins, our cutest youngest grandchildren are beginning to be quite mobile.  
Drew is rolling all over.
Walker is scooting as well.
Here comes the wrecking crew on the kitchen drawers.
We took them to the fair in the same stroller, but were concerned they would grab each other.  They did quite well.  Walker is four months older than Drew, however they got lots of stares thinking at first glance they were twins.  Who wouldn't stare at smiles and beautiful blue eyes? 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Quail eggs hatched

The end of July I was weeding in my flowerbed and came across a nest of quail eggs.  First I saw the clutch of about a dozen eggs.  I jumped up and ran to get my neighbor. When we came back, I couldn't find the eggs. 
The hen was sitting on them.  Unfortunately I cut down her hiding place.  The iris leaves were gone but she stayed.  I looked online and learned the gestation period was 23 days.  I stopped gardening around her but thought, "Why do you even need to sit there, it's so hot?"
A few days later our grandkids came down.  I was so excited to show off  the mother quail and her nest.  The very next evening we took Andrew and Ashley to view them.  Surprising all we saw were the remains - broken egg shells.  In that 24 hour period the cheepers and their mother left the nest.

A few days later Jed and his children saw a quail and some chicks running on the ground along the back fence line, with the father quail running on the top of the fence doing guard patrol.  

Isn't nature great?

Monday, July 29, 2013

In the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips -author unknown

My sweet sister Kim and her husband Steve came from North Carolina for a visit.  I LOVE to visit with her.  This was a very special visit.  Years ago she gathered our parents pictures and documents.  During the past ten years, she spent time scanning and organizing 6000 of them.  After hours of talking to our parents, she added correct names, dates, and stories.  I'm not finished!  She then contacted relatives and made DVD's (over 70) of this information to share with all of us.  During two evenings of her visit she gathered us together to share them.  We had a great time reacquainting with one other.
Andrew and Ashley (our son and daughter-in-law) came to support and visit.  Kim was thrilled.
Kim visited with our cousin Debi, who share a childhood bond. They are about the same age.  Their husbands Dave and Steve are so supportive.  
Our brother Devon with his great family; Michelle (wife), children Joshua and Elise.  Michelle's nephew (right) is visiting from Taiwan for a few months.  
These two sweet ladies are my Aunts, married to my mother's brothers.  Virginia (left) and Mary (right) are wonderful.  They look GREAT, and are as kind.
Mom and Dad had great life experiences which we are grateful for.  Kim preserved them. We, our ancestors and posterity are forever blessed and thankful to her.  
Our sister, Ann and her husband Kent.
Virginia, Dad Devon, Mom Lavon, Mary, Fritz, and Wanda.
Their children,
and their children.
Becca (our cousin Tish's daughter-in-law) and Kim.
My Aunt Wanda (Mom's sister) and her husband Fritz.
Kent (our brother-in-law) and his son Warren.
Two of our cousins DaleAnn and Kat. 
Tish's darling granddaughter showed us what to eat first - dessert.  Cotton Candy is the best dessert EVER (except for chocolate chip cookies).  
Danny was so supportive to spend two evenings with my family.  I love you!
Jared (Kim's son-in-law), too was amazing to spend his family vacation walking and watching his sweet daughter, Kelsey while getting to know his wife, Paige's family.  He was also our (group shot) photographer.  Thanks Jared!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lost and Found

As usual, the library sent an email informing me I had a book overdue.  Because I use both mine and Danny's library cards, it is not uncommon for me to loose track of due dates for  books, audio, and video items I have checked out.  It was a children's picture book which I thought I had returned.  After searching my own library of hundreds of children's book; I finally found it, and laughed when the I saw the title printed before me.  

Sunday, July 14, 2013

What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness. ~John Steinbeck

The end of June was busy with camps - Mike and Brian were at Boy Scout camp, and Tanna was at girls camp.  Megan watched five of the grandkids and brought them down for a visit while their parents were gone.  
 Blake and Peter polished their hula-hoop skills.  What is summer without hula-hoops?

 Zack found the sprinkler at the end of the hose.  Great way to cool off.
 Blake was determined to master the hula-hoop.
They stopped long enough to enjoy popsicles.
Walker wore his, with red and blue strips running down his chest.  We all laughed as he bit off pieces of popsicles and cried because it was too cold in his mouth.  
 Abby hoisted herself into the hammock swing.  Way to go! 
Brooke entertained herself while.....
 we played catch,

  and keep away.
It was heart warming to spend time together.  Thanks Mike, Brian, and Tanna for sacrificing your time to bless the lives of youth at camp.  Thank you Megan and Marcie for bringing the grandchildren around.  I LOVED OUR TIME TOGETHER.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Most Memorable Memorial Day

Sunday, May 26 we picked up Diane,
drove to the Bountiful cemetery,
and decorated Monte's grave.  He is Diane's sweet husband, and Danny's father.  We sure miss him.
We headed to Logan to visit with our wonderful family.  The cows caught us by surprise.
We stopped to get a closer look, 
and enjoyed the new baby calves.
Where,oh where was our family?  When they weren't home we drove around and found them out riding bikes.
Zack rode deluxe style.  
That Abby is a hula-hoop pro.
Look at her go!
Grandpa Dan enjoyed our youngest grandchild, Drew.  
My turn to hold him.
The grandchildren call Diane, "Grandma Great."  She is just that.
We spent the evening playing with the grandkids outside.
Peter at bat,
now Zack's turn.
Run, Blake, run.
Abby is quite the mother, helping with her brother.
Drew is happy with everyone.
His Mom can sure make him laugh.
Motherhood is most memorable.
Monday morning we joined Diane at the Crystal Inn for breakfast.
We had a great time eating and enjoying everyone's company.  
Grand-parenting is as wonderful as they say it is.  
On to check out Mike's office.  He works at Utah State University in the extension office.
They built a beautiful new building, and moved his office a year ago. 
Are we excited, or what?
The murals are great backdrops for entertaining us.
Mike has truly moved up in the world.  He used to be in a windowless basement office.  Now he is on the fourth floor with a fantastic view.  His office reflects him "all-the-way, Hosea!"
With a lego business card holder,
a lego lamp stand,
legos on the top cabinet,
and legos on computer stand.   Does he work for lego,
or Utah State?
We then headed to the River Walk (that's our name for it).
Abby will allow us to photograph her anytime, anywhere.
Brooke on the other hand, is a different story.
We caught her teasing and tickling her brother.
Climbing is for children.
Can you guess who is missing?
Oh there she is, with Zack her cousin.
I love these two grandkids and the adult kids (who are ours) taking photos of their own.

Endless energy!
It was a beautiful day!
We love to be together.
Peter is sure growing up.  
The kids finished first, waiting for us to catch up.
On to the next adventure.  We drove to Smithfield Recreation Center.  Jed rode (road) and beat us.  

Now for some swimming.  We got a personal invitation because the pool was closed to the public for the holiday.
Boy, did we have fun.

I got to hold sweet Drew, who is such a delight, while his parents swam with the other kids.
This six month old has been so many places including Disneyland where his siblings chose his souvenir.  How thoughtful they are.
Memorial Day is not over yet.  Jed's parents invited all of us for a barbecue.  Mike's job was to grill.   
Marilyn was so kind to invite us, even with a broken arm.  She too, never stops.  
The visiting,
eating some more,
and "What Zack, aren't you eating?"
We truly had a lovely time.
Thank you Marilyn and Allen.  You are gracious and kind.
One of the highlights was to watch some of our grandchildren's two "grandma greats" enjoying each other's company.

Can you believe we did all this in 24 hours?  We were home in our own beds Monday night.  It truly was one of the most memorable Memorial Days we have ever had.