Monday, July 29, 2013

In the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips -author unknown

My sweet sister Kim and her husband Steve came from North Carolina for a visit.  I LOVE to visit with her.  This was a very special visit.  Years ago she gathered our parents pictures and documents.  During the past ten years, she spent time scanning and organizing 6000 of them.  After hours of talking to our parents, she added correct names, dates, and stories.  I'm not finished!  She then contacted relatives and made DVD's (over 70) of this information to share with all of us.  During two evenings of her visit she gathered us together to share them.  We had a great time reacquainting with one other.
Andrew and Ashley (our son and daughter-in-law) came to support and visit.  Kim was thrilled.
Kim visited with our cousin Debi, who share a childhood bond. They are about the same age.  Their husbands Dave and Steve are so supportive.  
Our brother Devon with his great family; Michelle (wife), children Joshua and Elise.  Michelle's nephew (right) is visiting from Taiwan for a few months.  
These two sweet ladies are my Aunts, married to my mother's brothers.  Virginia (left) and Mary (right) are wonderful.  They look GREAT, and are as kind.
Mom and Dad had great life experiences which we are grateful for.  Kim preserved them. We, our ancestors and posterity are forever blessed and thankful to her.  
Our sister, Ann and her husband Kent.
Virginia, Dad Devon, Mom Lavon, Mary, Fritz, and Wanda.
Their children,
and their children.
Becca (our cousin Tish's daughter-in-law) and Kim.
My Aunt Wanda (Mom's sister) and her husband Fritz.
Kent (our brother-in-law) and his son Warren.
Two of our cousins DaleAnn and Kat. 
Tish's darling granddaughter showed us what to eat first - dessert.  Cotton Candy is the best dessert EVER (except for chocolate chip cookies).  
Danny was so supportive to spend two evenings with my family.  I love you!
Jared (Kim's son-in-law), too was amazing to spend his family vacation walking and watching his sweet daughter, Kelsey while getting to know his wife, Paige's family.  He was also our (group shot) photographer.  Thanks Jared!